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Ahead of the Curve

The classic isodynamic drive is rectilinear as well as planar. Opposed bar magnets arranged in rows near either face of the diaphragm, with north pole facing north pole and south pole facing south pole, create a 'squashed' magnetic field which is almost co-planar with it. In the areas of diaphragm between the magnets, a thin planar 'voice coil' runs parallel to the magnets, so that signal current within it – which generates its own, electromagnetic field – exerts a force on the diaphragm normal to its surface.


Due to the distributed force, motion of the diaphragm is – at least at low frequencies – pistonic, and the sound generated is low-distortion due to the linearity of the squashed magnetic field over small excursions. Essentially the Empyrean drive unit is the same, but Rinaro's design uniquely uses curved rather than straight magnets, arranged coaxially around a point where the diaphragm has a suspension point. The voice coil between the magnets is a curved switchback away from this point, before becoming circular adjacent to it. KH

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