Classic Venues

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Steve Sutherland  |  Apr 01, 2016
Once a club hosting variety acts and darts championships, in the '80s it embraced the spirit of rock, bringing acts enjoying sudden fame in the London-centric music press to the ears of a music-loving Midlands crowd. Steve Sutherland has the story of Rock City

We've got to start somewhere so why not with Gaye Bykers On Acid? The Bykers were from Leicester, had a singer called Ian who called himself Mary and were members of what the music press back in the late 1980s called Grebo, which meant you came from the Midlands, had a thing for denim and leather and wore your hair in a mess of dreadlocks.

Steve Sutherland  |  Mar 01, 2016
The Beatles' record-breaking appearance at a multi-purpose sports arena in one of the most densly populated boroughs of New York was to kick-start a revolution known as stadium rock. Steve Sutherland brings you the tale of Shea Stadium in Queens

Overpaid, oversexed and over here' – that's the phrase we Brits coined to describe the American servicemen who were fortunate enough to be stationed in the British Isles during World War II.

Steve Sutherland  |  Feb 01, 2016
One of the most prestigious venues in the world, this concert hall in Manhattan has played host to such luminaries as The Beatles, Martin Luther King and Maria Callas. Steve Sutherland takes you to the heart of the live music experience at Carnegie Hall

A little over a decade ago, the comic actor David Walliams was interviewing Liam Gallagher's brother Noel for the now-defunct Observer Music Monthly and Noel told him this story about how the Gallagher bros happened to be at a Spinal Tap show taking place for charity at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York.

Steve Sutherland  |  Jan 01, 2016
From '60s rioters to '80s ravers, generations of music lovers have gathered beneath the chandeliers of this capacious seaside venue to see and hear their heroes perform. Steve Sutherland heads for the lights of Blackpool for tales from the Empress Ballroom

You may have read recently about a chap named Adrian Cox, a train driver from Bournemouth, who appeared in the papers when he blew two grand hiring a print of Monty Python's Life Of Brian to show friends and family at his local, condemned ABC cinema in celebration of his 51st birthday.