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Kloss And Klipsch

Audio engineer and entrepreneur Henry Kloss joined forces with Malcolm S Low and Josef Anton Hoffmann to form the Cambridge, Massachusetts, company KLH Research & Development in 1957. With a 500-strong workforce it was soon shipping 30,000 speakers a year across six continents. Key models were the Model Eight 'high-selectivity' radio, Model Nine full-range electrostatic speaker – developed in conjunction with Arthur Janszen – a solid-state portable record player and the first reel-to-reel recorder to feature Dolby noise reduction. KLH was purchased in 2017 by Klipsch/Voxx executive David P Kelley and relocated to Indiana. Following Kloss's original concept, CEO Kelley's aim is to build world-class loudspeakers and electronics at affordable prices, starting with a range of bookshelf and home theatre designs and Model Eight and Nine updates. The Ultimate One headphones were launched at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Santa Monica, alongside a Bluetooth in-ear wireless version, the Ultimate Two. CB

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