dCS Rossini Transport/DAC v2 SACD Transport/DAC Mosaic For Music

Mosaic For Music

Just about every company involved in network streamed audio seems to be working on improving the all-important user experience – the way we interact with our music collections and streaming services, from searching for a favourite piece to exploring the darker corners of what's available. The dCS approach is called Mosaic, a combination of hardware and software technology that's governed by a


Mosaic Control app running on Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. It comprises a Mosaic Processor running on the network hardware of dCS products, and thus can be enabled on all current models via a firmware update. It brings together the user's own network music collection plus Deezer, Qobuz, Roon, Spotify, Tidal, AirPlay, Internet radio, podcasts, and music stored on local USB devices. It presents them all in a unified interface, making browsing simple, and allowing listeners to move more or less seamlessly between the various 'sources' and services. Mosaic is supported with online guides and forums on the dCS community pages where there are QR codes to download the Mosaic Control app.

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