Butch Vig Career Snapshots

Career Snapshots


Vig works with Nirvana on the LP Nevermind. Recorded on a budget of $65,000, the album blows the doors off rock 'n' roll, selling ten million copies

Sonic Youth set up live in the studio where they and Vig set about shaping jams into songs. Dirty is not a commercial success, but that wasn't the point

Amid rows, rucks and ructions, Vig works round the clock for three months on The Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream. It hits No 4 in the UK album charts

A fan of Freedy Johnston, Vig not only produces This Perfect World but plays drums on the LP's minor hit, 'Bad Reputation', which peaks at No 54 in the US

Garbage release their self-titled debut album to critical acclaim. It includes the hit singles 'Only Happy When It Rains' and 'Stupid Girl'

Vig beefs up US punk band Green Day's already brash sound and 21st Century Breakdown is the result. It takes the No 1 slot in both the UK and US album charts


Twenty years after Nevermind, Vig reunites with Dave Grohl for The Foo Fighters' Wasting Light. Recorded in a garage on analogue tape, it goes Platinum