Ken Kessler  |  Jun 30, 2022
This month we review: Janis Joplin, The O'Jays, Buck Owens and Sly & The Family Stone.
Ken Kessler  |  Jun 30, 2022
This month, we review: The Beau Brummels, Marianne Faithfull, Audiophile Masters Volume II and Gritty 60's Garage & Punk.
Mike Barnes  |  Jun 30, 2022
This month we review: Fontaines DC, Andy Bell, Judy Collins and MWWB.
Steve Harris  |  Jun 30, 2022
This month we review: Omar + QCBA, Walter Smith III, Stan Tracey Trio and Bob James Trio.
Peter Quantrill  |  Jun 30, 2022
This month we review: Fontanals-Simmons, Glynn, Aurora, Antoine Tamestit, Anaëlle Tourret and Stephen Hough.
Andrew Everard  |  Jun 29, 2022
This month we review and test releases from: Alice Coote & Julius Drake, Thom Lafond, Florent Ghys, Jacob Reuven, Omar Meir Wellber, Sinfonietta Leipzig and Scabaret
Martin Colloms  |  Jun 28, 2022  |  First Published: Jan 01, 1984
hfnvintageCan Audiolab's 8000A redefine the market? Martin Colloms finds out...

The new Audiolab range is introduced by the 8000A integrated amp, which sells for around £250. Trade rumours are that the first batch was sold out even before any press mention of the product, and that the few dealers appointed so far are finding it impossible to hold any stock. In these commercially depressed times it is certainly refreshing to cover a success story such as this, though I suspect that this model may be in short supply for some time to come.

Review: Ken Kessler, Lab: Paul Miller  |  Jun 27, 2022
hfncommendedAustria's vinyl juggernaut has leveraged German expertise to launch a series of fully-automatic turntables. The range starts spinning with the A1, inc. a built-in phono stage            

Decades ago, along with tone controls, the automatic turntable was relegated to 'amateur' status because audiophiles revel in masochism. 'What? The arm lifts up at the end of the side?'. As lies were told about CD, so were falsehoods spread about how triggering the arm lift would snap your cantilever. It was a load of tosh, and as many new to LP want convenience, Pro-Ject has responded with the A1 at only £369.

Johnny Sharp  |  Jun 24, 2022
After the end of her relationship with Graham Nash, the Canadian singer-songwriter travelled to Crete in search of inspiration, relaxation... and a guitar. Her experiences there would lead her to write and record her starkly personal – and much loved – fourth album

It's not uncommon for people in their 20s to go travelling around the world, but very few are burgeoning celebrities widely regarded among the finest singer-songwriters of their generation. Yet in 1970, Joni Mitchell did just that after recording her third album, Ladies Of The Canyon.

Review: Andrew Everard, Lab: Paul Miller  |  Jun 23, 2022
hfnoutstandingThis Polish hotshot brand broke onto the audiophile scene with its programmable DC PSU, followed by the OOR headphone amp. Now, with DAC onboard, comes the ERCO

The name of this new product from Polish company HEM, selling under its Ferrum brand, is spelt ERCO, but pronounced 'ertso'. Apparently it's Esperanto for 'ore', and so follows on from the mineral-based brand-identity – Ferrum, OOR – you get the idea. What's also not immediately apparent, given that all the Ferrum products basically look the same, is that the £2395 ERCO is perhaps the most comprehensively equipped model the company has made to date.