Review: Mark Craven  |  May 09, 2022
hfnoutstandingInspired by the flagship Concept 500, Q Acoustics' '50 packs a host of trickledown thinking into its slender frame

When Q Acoustics launched its Concept loudspeaker range in 2013, it began with a sub-£500 standmount – the Concept 20 [HFN Feb '14]. While this was in keeping with the value-for-money reputation the UK brand had developed since its arrival in 2006, within a few years it was reaching higher with the (then) £3000 Concept 300 and £4200 flagship Concept 500 [HFN Jul '17].

Johnny Sharp  |  May 06, 2022
Johnny Sharp on the creation of the artwork for Elvis Costello's 1979 album Armed Forces

For a man not blessed with the kind of appearance naturally lending itself to the limelight, Elvis Costello always did a damn good job of promoting himself. It helped that those around him were past masters of pop marketing. After all, music lovers of a certain age will recall the infamous t-shirt of his first label Stiff, bearing the deathless slogan: 'If it ain't Stiff, it ain't worth a f**k'.

Review: Mark Craven, Lab: Paul Miller  |  May 05, 2022
hfnoutstandingNew kid on the block, Perlisten Audio, is creating a stir straight out of the gates. We test the flagship floorstander

There's a perception that the US, the home of muscle cars, foot-long hot dogs and canyons a mile deep, is also the home of monster-sized loudspeakers. And not, it must be said, without good reason – there are various American manufacturers that frequently put the floor into 'floorstander', building models that require considerable carpet space and suit large listening rooms. So it wasn't much of a surprise to discover Perlisten Audio, a new brand from Verona, Wisconsin, kicking things off with the S7t, an almost 1.3m-tall seven-driver tower weighing in at 55kg.

Ken Kessler  |  May 03, 2022
This month we review: Steely Dan, David Crosby, A Tribute To Roky Erickson and War.
Ken Kessler  |  May 03, 2022
This month, we review: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Doors and Moonshine Society.
Mike Barnes  |  May 03, 2022
This month we review: Animal Collective, Black Country, New Road, Cate Le Bon and Michael Rother And Vittoria Maccabruni.
Steve Harris  |  May 03, 2022
This month we review: Immanuel Wilkins, Basil Hodge, Andrea Motis and Oscar Peterson.
Peter Quantrill  |  May 03, 2022
This month we review: Dmitri Sinkovsky, La Voce Strumentale, Benjamin Alard, COE/Harnoncourt and Anna Netrebko, La Scala/Chailly.
Andrew Everard  |  Apr 30, 2022
This month we review and test releases from: Alexander Scriabin/Andrey Gugnin, Clandestine Amigo, Dzsindzsa Band, Petra Magoni & Ilaria Fantin and Blue Violet.
Steve Sutherland  |  Apr 29, 2022
Synonymous with legends such as Sinatra, The Beach Boys and Nat King Cole, this studio in Hollywood has a pedigree spanning over 60 years. Steve Sutherland on Capitol...

Imagine if Jimi Hendrix had decided to release an album that wouldn't feature any guitar. Or that John Coltrane announced a long player sans any sax. Or Miles Davis did an LP on which you didn't hear one toot of horn. Madness, right? No way José.