T+A PDT/SDV 3100 HV SACD Transport/DAC Onboard Navigation

Onboard Navigation

While you can use the new F3100 remote to control the T+A units, much more convenient operation is possible with the T+A Music Navigator app. This integrates set-up and usage screens, making it much smoother to access network music and online streaming services, as well as check for firmware updates and so on (this can also be done via the 'system' menu using the remote). On installation the app will search for T+A units on your network, then lead you through their set-up.



A neat feature, given the complexity and flexibility of the SDV 3100 HV, is that one of the first screens you encounter lets you select your most-used sources or inputs to form a favourites menu. Various sources are pre-selected as default but pressing the onscreen buttons allows you to add new favourites, and/or relegate some pre-selections to the 'lesser-used' pile. It's also possible to reorder the buttons on the app's home screen: just press and hold the source you want to move and drag it to where you want on the screen. It's a neat and flexible system.

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