Rotel CD11/A11 CD Player/Amplifier Hi-Fi Heritage

Hi-Fi Heritage

This is a brand with a long history of producing 'budget esoterica' hi-fi separates, right back to the RA-311 integrated amplifier [HFN Sep '74]. Nevertheless it was the introduction of Rotel's 'Balanced Design Concept' and the 800-series components – embodied in the RA-820 amplifier [HFN Dec '82] – that really put this Japanese-owned brand on the audiophile map. Originally rated at just 25W/8ohm, the RA-820 was progressively 'tickled-up' into the RA-820B [HFN Aug '84], 'BX, 'BX2 [HFN Nov '86] and 'BX4 guises over the next eight years, by which time the specification was improved to 30W/8ohm. My own lab records from the era show these latter models achieving 2x38W/8ohm and 2x65W/4ohm, with sufficient headroom to sustain a dynamic output of 48W/8ohm and with 15.5A of current to drive low impedance loads. Ironically, while today's A11 offers more power into 8 and 4ohm loads it is arguably less tolerant of 'difficult' speakers than its ancestors! Electronic protection is more sophisticated these days – all in the name of enhancing product reliability... PM

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