Canor CD 2.10 CD Player/USB DAC The Pro-Ject Connection

The Pro-Ject Connection

Canor has been designing and manufacturing tube gear in Slovakia for over 25 years, with its CD players a more recent diversion. Nevertheless with the sprawling Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH (parent of Pro-Ject Audio Systems) also retaining a large manufacturing facility in the same region, and with some common design features shared inside the CD 2.10, I was inclined to call Pro-Ject's CEO Heinz Lichtenegger and discover whether there was any link between the brands. In practice it appears that Pro-Ject is not only Canor's dominant customer but also the driving force for the entire operation.

'One of our key designers was also on the board at Canor', says Heinz, 'and the high-tech facilities at its plant proved ideal for the production of our independently-designed separates. We have a very long history with them!' While the build of Pro-Ject's turntables has remained at its SEV Litovel factory, the sheer volume of Pro-Ject electronics assembled at the Canor factory now completely outstrips the production of Canor's own brand separates. As sub-contractor for what is arguably the world's leading hi-fi brand, Canor can afford to evolve its own products at a more leisurely pace! PM

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