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Pro Heritage

The CDA2 Mk2 is the latest arrival in a range of ATC electronics, originating with its own electronic crossovers for active operation of the company’s speakers: these first appeared 36 years ago, just eight years into the life of ATC. While the Gloucestershire company is still best-known for its speakers, which are widely used in studios, it has long had amplification components to back them up. All its products are grounded in the company’s heritage – after all, it was founded by Billy Woodman back in 1974 to make drivers for the pro audio industry, most notably in high-quality PA applications. Its first model was the PA75-314 12in bass unit, designed for high power, low distortion and – above all – big SPLs. Today, its drive units are still made in-house, both for its ‘domestic’ and widely-used professional monitors. Having joined the catalogue in 1996, the standalone ‘hi-fi’ electronics line is a relatively recent arrival, beginning with the SCA2 preamp and SPA2-150 power amp, closely followed by its first integrated amp, the SIA2-150.

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