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Full Circle


Having used every iteration of the WATT (originally built by Dave Wilson in his garage – pictured) and every flavour of Puppy, as well as Duettes, I've been able to track the evolution of the small Wilsons – the speakers, not the children – over three decades. The primary, over-riding sense is that Dave and Daryl have not only addressed improvements due to new materials and the results of their research, they've also been cognisant of changing consumer attitudes.

Smaller speakers have increased in prominence because of the needs of urban users with space restrictions, alongside the proliferation of users who simply will no longer accept massive speakers. The main audible change has been a reduction in the almost clinical, emphatic portrayal of the first few generations of WATTs to something more user-friendly. This lack of aggression is similar to the difference between a master tape and an LP. The result? The most listenable, inviting small Wilson speaker to date.

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