Wilson Audio TuneTot loudspeaker Interview

Interview: Daryl Wilson

Daryl Wilson, now responsible for design at Wilson Audio, spoke to us about the company's smallest-ever full range monitor. When asked how it came about, Daryl explained, 'Dad and I were sitting in the Wilson Audio room at CES in 2013 – it was the same time frame when my Dad was diving deeper into the WAMM's conceptual development and I was finishing up the Duette Series 2.


'We were just daydreaming about possible products after a long day of meetings. He showed me a drawing of a concept that was similar to the TuneTot and we decided it was time to re-enter the small monitor category. Our tools are far more capable than those we had when the WATT was launched in 1985.

'We learned a lot from developing all the iterations of the WATT, as well as both the CUB Series 1 and 2, and Duette 1 and 2. The TuneTot has greatly benefited from all these products. We worked on TuneTot off and on from 2013-16 and sunk our teeth into it in 2017.'

As the WATT was designed to be a near-field monitor for recording sessions, and the TuneTot is even more portable, it's likely these will catch the eye (and ear) of studios with an audiophilic slant. Daryl agrees. 'This is a very capable compact speaker and would suit the studio setting. We already have just about every product category, depending on the size and space of the control room, being used in pro studios around the world. We haven't targeted the pro market, but the TuneTot would work very well in that space, too.'

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