Wilson Audio Alexia V Loudspeaker Ricardo Franassovici

Ricardo Franassovici

'I first met David Wilson when he was writing for J. Peter Moncrieff's IAR (International Audio Review) in 1981', remembers Absolute Sounds MD, Ricardo Franassovici, 'and then our paths crossed again at the Las Vegas Jockey Club at CES in 1982 where he was showing the first version of his WAMM loudspeaker'.


Over 40 years later and the origins of today's Alexia V can be seen in the skeletal tower of that WAMM (Wilson Audio Modular Monitor). Comprising two towers per side, one housing big (18in) Magnat drivers in a sub-bass enclosure, the WAMM speaker system hosted KEF B139 bass drivers in a 'mid bass' box with two 'midrange' enclosures (each a 4in mid/1in tweeter two-way in their own right) above and below a curved electrostatic super tweeter.

The latter crossed over above 15kHz and was sourced originally from Janzsen and then RTR, its acoustic centre and that of the two midrange enclosures being user-adjustable. The WAMM was 'retired' in 2003 after at least seven iterations (the WAMM 7a was the final version) and at least unofficially replaced by the Alexandria floorstander in 2004.

Absolute Sounds' first Wilson UK import was the WATT standmount in 1985 alongside Threshold amplifiers (replaced by the first Class A Krells), the iconic Oracle Delphi turntable, Sumiko MDC-800 tonearm and, of course, the Koetsu MC. 'David was a true gentleman, and a pioneer of the high-end loudspeaker industry', remembers Ricardo. David passed away in 2018 and is succeeded by his son, CEO Daryl Wilson. PM

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