Wilson Audio Alexia V Loudspeaker Alexia 2 Vs Alexia V

Alexia 2 Vs Alexia V

It's not just a leap in numbers from Alexia Series 2 [HFN Mar '18] to Alexia V – the 'V' is the Roman '5' to indicate five years of the Alexia 2 and also the new model's adoption of Wilson's V-Material, employed in the woofer and midrange enclosures. As discussed in our Alexx V review [HFN Jan '22], this mineral/fibre-loaded polymer has been developed to better manage vibration and increase module isolation. X-Material remains the primary enclosure substrate (S-Material for the midrange baffle), with increased bracing to further improve damping, just as the 'alignment bridge' for that mid module is also now fashioned from X-Material and aluminium.

Visually, the new Alexia evolves the curvy aesthetic touches seen in the taller Alexx V, which CEO Daryl Wilson says were inspired by the wind- and water-carved rock formations of his Utah home state. Driver alignment has been improved too, for better on-axis and more uniform off-axis responses, ensuring the Alexia V is no 'hot seat' loudspeaker.

The speaker size and cabinet volume has increased marginally, the 'V' being 32mm deeper, 6mm wider and 7mm taller than its predecessor – the midrange module's internal space is thus 6.4% larger, and the woofer enclosure up by 8.9%. Inside the midrange module, the Alexia V's 7in pulp-coned driver is now fitted with the Alnico 'Quadra-Mag' motor developed for the much larger Chronosonic XVX. Greater extension, a 1dB boost to sensitivity (without rendering a tougher load impedance) and faster transient recovery is claimed for all these revisions taken en masse.

Down below, the rear bass port is re-engineered for reduced turbulence while, up top, the 1in silk-dome tweeter is loaded into a 3D printed 'Convergent Synergy Carbon' (CSC) rear-wave chamber – another trickledown from the Alexx V. Other changes cascading down from the dearer models include beefier bespoke Wilson Audio binding posts, the new Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode spike system, and the same spade connectors for the links to the upper modules as used in the Chronosonic XVX and Alexx V.

Luxurious visible hardware at the back now includes a new external cable wrap and dressing, plus a new look to the alignment block 'staircase', aiding installers during setup. Even the resistor/heatsink cavity is beefed up, and there's a bubble spirit level in the top of the woofer enclosure. Inside, the refined crossover system features new AudioCapX-WA capacitors 'uniquely wound at Wilson Audio to extremely tight tolerances' and the circuit tuned and modified to improve the load 'seen' by the amplifier.

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