Simple Minds: New New Gold Dream Production Notes

Production Notes

Recording sessions began at the Townhouse Studios in London in February 1982. Producer Peter Walsh recalls a positive atmosphere and Jim Kerr encouraging him with comments like, 'You're a legend – you are going to be huge!'.

The first song they recorded was 'Promised You A Miracle', which was played almost live and was completely finished in three days. Walsh helped to structure the song for radio, including making space for Charlie Burchill's guitar solo. The only other tracks that had been demoed up to this point were its B-side 'Theme For Great Cities' and the songs 'King Is White And In The Crowd' and 'Hunter And The Hunted'.

After the single was released, they all reconvened in a rehearsal room at The Old Mill, a former pig farm in Fife, for pre-production and to shape the rest of the songs. The demos were mostly instrumentals and Kerr would typically add his vocals later. They were captured on a cassette recorder with high compression, an effect that they attempted to replicate using state-of-the-art Studer tape machines at Townhouse Studios in May 1982.


Jazz/funk legend Herbie Hancock made a surprise contribution to the album, playing on 'Hunter And The Hunted'. He happened to be recording in an adjoining studio and the musicians met. Hancock praised Derek Forbes' playing, which thrilled the young bass guitarist.

A lot of effects were used when mixing the album. These include flanging on the bass, with some of Forbes' lines given extra heft by being doubled on a moog synthesiser, and plenty of echo and reverb on Jim Kerr's voice. But the net effect is subtle and contributes to the album's warm organic sound.