Yamaha A-S3200 Integrated Amplifier Inventing Hi-Fi

Inventing Hi-Fi

The A-S3200 may be very similar to the A-S3000 it replaces, but then that's no bad thing. After all, Yamaha has been at this hi-fi game longer than most, having coined the term back in 1954 for one of the first stereo record players, and has built an enviable reputation both for the sound of its stereo and multichannel products, and the quality of its build and finish. The company has a long history in music and audio, having been founded in 1887 building reed organs, and starting piano manufacture in 1900. These days, as well as making pianos, both acoustic and electric, under its own name and that of Bösendorfer, which it acquired in 2008, it's unique among hi-fi manufacturers in being able to equip an entire symphony orchestra from its catalogue of musical instruments. And that's before you even get to the motorcycles, outboard motors, jet-skis, snowmobiles, sports equipment, industrial robots, software and semiconductors, educational programmes in sports and music, and the largest musical instrument store in Japan, complete with concert hall and recording studios.

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