Wilson Audio LōKē Subwoofer Hammer Down

Hammer Down

Wilson Audio is no stranger to subwoofers: the original Puppy was a sub for the WATT. With the advent of home cinema in the 1980s, demand for subs extended to two-channel playback and Wilson responded with the passive WHOW and active POW WHOW in the late-1980s. The powered WATCH Dog (2000) and the massive, passive Thor's Hammer of 2007 [pictured below] remain current. By contrast, the new LōKē is more focused, designed to accompany smaller Wilson speakers past and present, including the Duette II [HFN Apr '14], TuneTot [HFN Nov '18], SabrinaX [HFN Dec '20], etc. I'd love to hear what it does with Puppy-less WATTs.


Wilson Audio's LōKē also heralds a new division in the group, dubbed Special Application Engineering (SAE). Says Blake Schmutz, the director of SAE, 'One of the goals of SAE is to produce products for customers' daily life which are more accessible than larger, more expensive systems requiring dedicated listening rooms and more floorspace'. What results are proper Wilson products, but which deliberately ignore a cost-no-object approach. From what I've heard living with the LōKē, this early goal has already been achieved.

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