Wilson Audio Alexx V Loudspeaker Setting The Sweet Spot

Setting The Sweet Spot

The ability to fine-tune the acoustic centres, and propagation delay, of its faceted D'Appolito midrange-tweeter-midrange array has been an evolving theme of all Wilson's flagship floorstanders. The various graduated ramps, slots, spikes and miniature 'staircases' within the gantry have been further refined in the Alexx V which sees both (dissimilar-sized) midrange capsules pivoted at the front on the respective enclosures below.


The centre tweeter capsule can be tilted at the rear via a single spike, as can the two midrange modules, but the latter have different length spikes available that locate into stepped alignment blocks (the staircases), allowing for a wider range of tilt. This process sets the listening axis of all three drivers. The staircase blocks, meanwhile, slide fore and aft [see inset picture], setting the time alignment of the drivers. There's more than just a coincident wavefront being achieved here, as the changes to the interaction between the trio of modules (reinforcement/cancellation) can also result in quite significant changes in mid/treble response. PM

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