Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker Birthday Boys

Birthday Boys

Founded in 1980 by Renaud de Vergnette, in the French town of Soissons about 60 miles north-east of Paris, Triangle has since developed a product lineup that runs the gamut from wireless desktop speakers to its Magellan Grand Concert flagship, plus its own cabling range and custom install options. And throughout its history, it's often avoided conventional loudspeaker design thinking in favour of innovation. Triangle's debut model, the 1180, placed a pyramid-shaped two-way enclosure atop a floorstanding cabinet, and it followed that a year later with the cuboid CX2, its first speaker with an external tweeter housing (an acoustic principle continued by its contemporary Signature Series).

The more recent Magellan range, meanwhile, features mid and tweeter drivers mounted fore and aft to create a more diffuse, 360° soundstage. Triangle is not unique in this approach, but it's still rare in contemporary floorstanding loudspeakers. Network, cabinet and driver design, including the horn-loaded compression units that grace many of its models, take place at the brand's purpose-built Soissons facility, in addition to acoustic simulation and measurement. It's also here where Triangle's premium models, including the Antal 40th Anniversary featured here, are assembled.

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