Simaudio MOON 780D v2 Network Attached DAC MiND2 App

MiND2 App

There are those manufacturers who'll tell you there's no point in developing a bespoke app to control their products: they'll refer you to a number of third-party UPnP/DLNA apps available for your phone or tablet that will pass muster. As you might expect from the amount of proprietary tech under the lid of the 780D v2, Simaudio would beg to differ, and its MOON MiND Controller app (for Android and iOS) has been developed as an integral part of its MiND streaming solution.


As well as allowing the user to access music, this app can also act as a complete system controller, thanks to the (again proprietary) SimLink remote control connection between products in the company's range, for which a cable is supplied with every Simaudio product, easily extendible as it uses standard 3.5mm plugs. The operation is slick and reliable, and the screens very clearly laid out and easy to navigate, whether you're playing music from network storage, streaming from online services, or simply adjusting the volume on a connected Simaudio amplifier.

Simaudio Ltd
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Supplied by: Renaissance Audio, Scotland
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