Rotel Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier Power Play

Power Play

Rotel makes no special claim for its Michi X3 as the most power integrated available, but it could, and perhaps should, shout a little louder about this amplifier's phenomenal W per £ performance. Top performers stand the test of time – the Krell S-550i [HFN Jul '13] offered 2x336W/8ohm with 2.4kW/1ohm (49.4A) under dynamic conditions while Musical Fidelity's Nu-Vista 800 [HFN Nov '14], still available at £8800, delivers 2x325W/8ohm, reinforced by a massive dynamic 2.2kW/1ohm (46.4A). Norway provides very close competition with the mighty £9000 Hegel H590 [HFN Oct '18] which maintains 2x310W/8ohm, increasing to a dynamic 2.28kW/1ohm (47.8A).


More recently, Perreaux's £8280 Eloquence 255i [HFN Apr '18] was tested at 2x435W/8ohm even though it is protected at 1.5kW/2ohm and 610W/1ohm (26.7A). Musical Fidelity pops up again with the all-transistor M8xi at £5650, offering 2x640W/8ohm but limited to 1300W/2ohm and 720ohm/1ohm (26.8A) under dynamic conditions. From Italy and USA, respectively, there's the new £7800 Audia Flight FLS 9 [HFN Feb '21] and £24,000 D'Agostino Progression [HFN Nov '20] – priced with their DAC options – achieving 160W and 265W/8ohm, respectively, although both max out at ~1020W (31.9A) into 1ohm. Against this battery, Rotel's £4300 Michi X3 is looking very capable indeed at 2x255W/8ohm and 1.775kW/1ohm (42.1A). So if you own the world's least sensitive/lowest impedance speakers there's no more affordable high power partner. PM

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