Quad Valves Reinvented! Also In HFN This Month In 2000

Also In HFN This Month In 2000

Can we hear speaker phase?
Is phase distortion inaudible or one of the most vital factors in speaker sound? We investigate.

Naim NBL
We hear Naim's 'no-box speaker' – a slimmer sibling of the DBL.

Pre/Power Group Test
Six essential combinations in a test full of surprises: the Linn Kolektor/LK140, Musical Fidelity X-P100/X-S100, Myryad MP100/MA240, NAD C160/218THX, Technics SU-C1010/SE-A1010, and Talk Electronics Hurricane 2.1/Tornado 2.1.

Technics DVD-A10
First full-production DVD-Audio player from Technics, along with some real discs to play on it.

Reference Model Four-Two
This handsome and massively built four-way loudspeaker from KEF has a lot to live up to.

Mission fs-2
Flat-panel speaker technology comes of age with Mission's new stereo-to-AV NXT package.

Sharp SM-X100
The company's 1-bit digital amplifier promises simplicity, efficiency, and SACD-compatible sound quality. But is this really the amp of the future?