Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Loudspeaker Lab Report

Lab Report

Competing in the 'slimline' floorstander bracket, MA's Bronze 200 employs the brand's smallest C-CAM mid/bass driver, a pair of these 140mm units enabling a narrow 166mm-wide baffle. (The 231mm-wide Bronze 100 standmount [HFN Aug '20] employs a single 200mm C-CAM unit.) The loudspeaker's rated 88dB sensitivity was met on test at 88.5dB just as the specified minimum 4.4ohm impedance was confirmed at 4.35ohm/219Hz, although this implies a 6ohm rather than 8ohm nominal value. The largest swings in impedance phase are also relatively modest at –36°/100Hz and +38°/27Hz, with a mild 'worse-case' of 5.55ohm/–24° at 130Hz not proving especially burdensome for any likely partnering integrated.

The forward response shows a series of undulations between 500-1.8kHz and 7.5kHz-20kHz – the former also revealed as resonances on the CSD waterfall [see Graph 2] – but the trend is inherently 'flat' so the response error is a mere ±1.4dB (200Hz-20kHz) and the pair matching a tight ±0.7dB [see Graph 1, below]. Fitting the grille [blue trace] causes a slight disruption in presence/treble output but there's no escaping the 'C-CAM Gold Dome' tweeter resonance at 29kHz/+12dB [pink shaded region, Graph 1], even if the CSD waterfall [Graph 2] indicates this is swiftly quelled. The diffraction-corrected nearfield measurement [green area, Graph 1] suggests a bass extension of 40Hz (–6dB re. 200Hz) – close to ideal for two 110mm-effective diameter drivers, reflex-loaded at ~43Hz. However, the rifled port output also exposed two box/pipe modes at 180Hz and 800Hz, the latter, again, reflected on the response and waterfall plots. PM


Response inc. nearfield summed driver/port [green], freefield corrected to 1m at 2.83V [yellow], ultrasonic [pink]. Left, black; right, red; w. grille, blue


A potential cabinet pipe mode is revealed at 800Hz as is the strong 29kHz treble dome breakup

Sensitivity (SPL/1m/2.83V – 1kHz/Mean/IEC) 88.5dB / 88.5dB / 86.3dB
Impedance modulus: minimum & maximum (20Hz–20kHz) 4.35ohm @ 219Hz, 16.8ohm @ 81Hz
Impedance phase: minimum & maximum (20Hz–20kHz) –36° @ 100Hz, +38° @ 27Hz
Pair matching/Resp. error (200Hz–20kHz) 0.7dB/ ±1.4dB/±1.4dB
LF/HF extension (–6dB ref 200Hz/10kHz) 40Hz / 52.6kHz/50.9kHz
THD 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz (for 90dB SPL/1m) 0.8% / 0.65% / 1.1%
Dimensions (HWD) / Weight (each) 886x166x265mm / 13kg
Price £569

Monitor Audio Ltd
Rayleigh, Essex
Supplied by: Monitor Audio Ltd
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