Melco N10/2-S38 Network Audio Library Firm Favourites

Firm Favourites

One of the advantages of computer-based audio hardware is that a purchase isn't a dead end: a responsible manufacturer – as Melco clearly is – can keep improving a product with successive firmware updates. For example, having been delighted to find that the N10/2-S38 can act as a standalone player, controlled directly via its front panel to deliver music to a USB DAC, we discovered that even PM's long-serving N1-ZH60 [HFN Jun '16] could be made to do the same thing, purely by downloading the latest firmware, currently v4.30. This also opens up the possibility of using it with a third-party Bluetooth remote handset. Other updates include the installation of Twonky for use with external streamers, improvements to the onboard MinimServer and SongKong for Melco's Intelligent Music Library suite, and some file-handling refinements. For example, direct CD ripping to a USB expansion drive, connected to a designated rear USB port, is now supported across the Melco platform. You can even programme the N10/2 to use a connected CD drive as a transport for playback, not just a ripping device. It all shows the benefit of keeping an eye on firmware updates...

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