Mark Levinson No523/No534 pre/power amplifier Sidebar

A Samsung Brand

The Mark Levinson brand has been through several hands since it was founded in 1972, including a period in the 1980s when the founder lost the use of his own name! It has been part of Harman International since 1990, and came under Samsung ownership in a deal completed last year [HFN Jan '17]. Todd Eichenbaum, Harman's Luxury Audio division Director of Engineering, has been designing Mark Levinson products for some years, and says that 'From my perspective, there has been no change in the day-to-day, both Samsung and Harman automotive groups recognising the importance of maintaining our “halo” brands'. He adds 'There are plans to incorporate the AKG name and some of its related technologies into Samsung-branded products'. But he confirms that, for now, none of Mark Levinson's R&D is being trickled through into other Samsung ranges. Indeed, 'with the completion and successful launches of eight new No500-series products – all featured in HFN – the Mark Levinson engineering group has been very hard at work on the next big thing. Stay tuned!'

Harman International Ind.
Northridge, CA, USA
Supplied by: Harman Luxury Audio Group (UK), Cambridge
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