Lumin D2 Music Server/DAC Lumin App

Lumin App

How comprehensive is Lumin's control app for its network products? Well, if you want to bring yourself up to speed with what it does and how to use it, you'll find everything online at There you'll see that the 'manual' for the app is more comprehensive than that for the player itself – which admittedly wouldn't be hard as all you get for the hardware is a quick start guide, and if you look up 'Lumin Settings' on the company's support page, it begins 'All settings are accessed through the app'.


You'll need these instructions for the app, for while it works very effectively it takes a little time to acclimatise – there's a lot of functionality crammed in there, from UPnP streaming to Qobuz, Tidal and so on. And while the icons used to navigate these options are small on a decent-sized tablet, they're positively tiny on a smartphone. However, once you find your way around, the app is excellent – at least until you try using the D2 with Roon, from which I suspect you'll never go back.

Pixel Magic Systems Ltd
Hong Kong
Supplied by: Select Audio, Blackpool, Lancs
01900 601954