Halcro dm58 monoblock Fifty Years And Counting

Fifty Years And Counting

Halcro has tossed out phrases like 'The Only Amplifier In The World To Challenge A Theoretical Limit' and 'Unprecedented Harmonic Distortion Levels Of Less Than 1000 Parts Per Billion'. Its claim is based on the notion that it has taken the typical audio manufacturer 50 years to reduce distortion at 20kHz from 0.1% to 0.01%. 'Now, with a single revolutionary technological advancement, Halcro has reduced distortion to less than 0.0001%.'

To put this 'parts per billion' business into context, and using the results of intensive testing at Adelaide University for verification, Halcro can claim to produce amplifiers with distortion of less than 1000 parts per billion at full power (the aforementioned 0.0001%), while typical high-quality amplifiers produce 200,000 parts per billion. Reading through the bumf, there's even mention of the dm68 measuring at 99 parts per billion. We are, of course, talking about vanishingly low distortion and most of us are still sceptical about the numbers game. But something has to account for the Halcro amplifier producing such clean, open, natural sounds...