Halcro dm58 monoblock Also in HFN this month in 2002

Also in HFN this month in 2002

Las Vegas Conquers US Blues
All the news from what was a hearteningly-optimistic CES.

A Flat Future?
A closer look at the 'Digital Sound Projector' from iLimited.

AVI Series 21MC4 Reference
Will the latest incarnation of this highly evolved UK-made
CD player worry rivals?

Musical Fidelity A324
A genuine upsampling 192kHz/ 24-bit DAC for under £1000.

Audio Project ap60
A new British brand enters the arena with this well-planned, affordable integrated amplifier.

Ruark Prologue II
Why Ruark's new floorstander is more than a makeover of the 'Mark 1' Prologue loudspeaker.

McIntosh MA9600
It's a new departure from the most traditional of brands – an all-in-one big Mac amplifier.

Krell LAT-1
The massive, all-metal, £40,000 Krell floorstander tested.

Karan KA-1180
We report on an integrated amplifier from a confident new brand from Yugoslavia.