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Analogue With Flair

Jozefina Lichtenegger's audio journey is an admirable one, especially to those for whom provenance, hands-on manufacturing skills [note the precise mounting of the No5's diamond – inset picture] and tenacity are important. Driven by a passion for classical music, a devotee of Bruckner and Wagner, Jozefina started out not with turntables or cartridges, but with valves. In 1999, still in her teens, she worked with VAIC in the Czech Republic, touring the world's hi-fi shows to promote the company's tubes. She eventually relaunched the products herself under the European Audio Team (EAT) brand, and still produces tubes in limited quantities. Her attention turned to turntables, with the now-established two-motor Forté models, and inventive entry-level models priced below £2000. Since then, Jozefina has introduced tonearms, cartridges and a family of valve phono stages in the E-Glo range, now comprising three models [HFN Mar '17]. Jozefina told us she is so committed to vinyl that she will be officially changing the EAT name to stand for 'European Analogue Team'!

European Audio Team
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