EAT E-Glo i Integrated Tube Amp Jozefina Lichtenegger

Jozefina Lichtenegger

It is perhaps fitting, and not coincidental, that the classic KT88 tube that kicked-off Jozefina Lichtenegger's career in hi-fi some 20 years ago should be chosen as the heart of EAT's first integrated amplifier. Jozefina took over production of the KT88 in the iconic Prague factory, remaining faithful to the original 'recipe' of the legendary Golden Lion tube.


Now the owner & CEO of EAT (European Audio Team), Jozefina told HFN about this choice of tube. 'The output power of an amplifier does not necessarily indicate its musical quality. So there are amplifiers using the new style of KT88 with higher dissipation – the KT120 and KT150 – but for me, the KT88 offers the most "magical" tube sound, closely followed by the 300B triode.'

Jozefina has a disarmingly romantic view of tube engineering. 'The glow that radiates from the cathode's gold-plated tungsten-molybdenum wires', she begins, 'brings the light and resurrection to any thoughtfully-composed and well-recorded music.' But she also has an eye for quality, 'vinyl, tubes and the "analogue sound" are very fashionable now, so there have been many products on the market with cheap components. By contrast our amplifier is finely produced in Europe using the very best components, including milled PCBs'.

And the future? 'We have plans to make a tube pre/power amp and also a tube-loaded CD player/DAC combination. But we will also stay focused on our high-end turntable/phono preamp range.' PM

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