D'Agostino Progression Integrated Integrated Amplifier Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Everything that designer Dan has absorbed during his most recent, post-Krell, Momentum/Progression 'journey' is packed into this compact but weighty chassis. The wired/wireless network audio board is informed by the previous MLife integrated [HFN Apr '17], although the Cypress Wi-Fi/Bluetooth remote interface is separated here. The optional network/digital audio solution can only be navigated via the legacy iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app (iOS 7.0 or later) developed for the MLife, but there is still currently no Android app on offer. So, for Apple affiliates, all that you need to operate the Progression Integrated's digital section is just a touch away, including input selection for optical, coax, USB and network, plus volume control, balance, mute, phase invert and standby. Everything else is pure tried-and-tested 'D'Agostino' including the relay-controlled stepwise volume. Also familiar are the parallel complementary output devices (six pairs per channel), governed by the minimum negative feedback, and powered by a very substantial linear PSU – all of which has an imprint on the amplifier's technical, and subjective, performance. PM

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