Continuum Obsidian/Viper Turntable/Arm Aussie Analogue

Aussie Analogue

For a decade-and-a-half, Continuum has enjoyed a permanent position among the world's most influential analogue campaigners, who regard it as one of the very finest turntables money can buy. Manufactured in Australia, from the outset the original turntables were hailed as game-changing, offering a product that was a mix of disciplines, including metallurgy, physics, chemistry, engineering and manufacturing. Announced in 2005 before the vinyl revival fully 'exploded', Continuum's ground-breaker was the three-chassis Caliburn with Cobra arm and vacuum hold-down. Its six-figure price tag created demand for a less-costly offering, so it was soon followed by the simpler, single-chassis Criterion. The Obsidian reviewed here makes the line even more accessible.

Says Vice President of Sales Irv Gross, 'Continuum Audio Labs was always a team project, not the work of any one individual. The lead engineer on the original design team was Mark Doehmann. There were two other individuals, Joe Persico and Michael Baribas, without whom the products could not have been brought to fruition. There were numerous other professors and experts who contributed to the design, but those three were the core of our dream team'.

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