Cambridge Audio Evo 150 Streaming DAC/Amplifier The Magic App

The Magic App

Some hi-fi companies will say, 'just drive our product with your choice of third-party app because we've spent all the money on the sound'. The Evo models give the lie to that kind of thinking, so smoothly does the StreamMagic control app work with the streaming platform here, the two having been designed together in-house by Cambridge Audio. Running on Apple iOS, it puts everything from your own music library to streaming services at your fingertips. It also leads you through the entire set-up and adjustment of the Evo 150, from bringing it 'up to speed' with your home music servers to niceties such as which inputs the system will display, and what they're called.


You can hide unused inputs for fast switching, for example, and all these menus are helped by the use of clear, logical screens, big on plain language and free from jargon. This truly is excellent hi-fi made simple, without sacrificing any flexibility, and is testament to the hard work the engineers have put in on their software development.

Cambridge Audio Ltd
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