Bricasti M20/M25 Pre/Power Amplifier Pro Heritage

Pro Heritage

Bricasti was founded in 2004 by ex-Lexicon staff – international sales person Brian Zolner and digital engineer Casey Dowdell – at a time when Lexicon's parent company, Harman International, was closing down its operations in New England. It took its name from the two founders, adding the 'ti' on the end 'because it sounded good'! Its first product, the M7 digital reverb unit launched in 2007, was built around an advanced DSP engine for reverberation synthesis. The M7 allows mastering and recording engineers to create their ambience of choice, whether giving vocals space to 'breathe' or adjusting the sense of instruments in a particular space or soundstage. As such it has become a go-to tool in sound design and audio effects, and is employed in many studios. In 2011 Bricasti brought its knowledge to the consumer audio field with the launch of the M1 DAC [HFN Jun '11], a dual-mono design that set the pattern for all of the company's 'hi-fi' products to date.

Bricasti Design Ltd
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