Bel Canto e.One Stream Network Bridge/DAC Keeping It Compact

Keeping It Compact
The Stream is part of Minneapolis-based Bel Canto Design's longstanding 'compact-format' e.One (Evolution One) range. These entry-level offerings slot in below the Black [HFN Feb '17] and Black EX ranges and are designed to offer 'more features, flexibility and performance than ever before with both budget and lifestyle in mind'. This ambition is reinforced by the e.One Stream – the first of Bel Canto's products to be partnered with its iOS 'Seek' app. This free app organises your playlists, favourite tracks and Internet radio stations so they are readily accessible from your iOS tablet or phone.


Bel Canto's e.One lineup is still 'Made in the USA' and stands out from the pack with its solid casework and – in particular – front panel, especially striking in the black of the review sample seen here. The e.One range includes the CDt CD transport, DAC 2.7 DAC/preamp and companion amplifiers. The one-box amp solution is the 60W C5i, which has both digital and analogue inputs, and there's also a choice of power amps: the REF500S, rated at 250W/8ohm and 500W/4ohm, and the REF600M monoblock, at 300W/600W into 8/4ohm. Completing the range is the e.One Phono [HFN Jun '18], a dual mono phono stage with gain and loading adjustable using rear-panel dip-switches.

Bel Canto Design Ltd
Minneapolis, USA
Supplied by: Padood Ltd, Cambridge, UK
01223 653199