Audia Flight FLS 9 Integrated Amp Modular Magic

Modular Magic

Audia Flight's latest integrated amplifier shares much of its 'front-end' with the FLS 1 preamp (itself derived from the flagship Strumento No1 mk2 preamp), including the stepwise volume control that operates over a full 100dB range. As our inside shot illustrates, the FLS 9 is almost modular in design, with the power amp 'cards' (see inset picture) essentially one half of the balanced/bridged output stage we saw in the Strumento No4 power amp [HFN May '19].


Instead of six pairs of bipolar transistors handling both the positive and negative-going sides of that amp, the FLS 9 has six pairs of very capable MJL1302A/3281A bipolars from ON Semiconductor forming each complementary channel. Power output is considerable and also very load tolerant thanks to the stiffly-regulated PSU comprising a screened 1kW toroidal transformer and 6x10,000µF reservoir capacitors per side. PM

Audia Flight
Civitavecchia (RM), Italy
Supplied by: Elite Audio Ltd, Fife
01334 570 666