Antipodes Audio EX Music Server/DAC Antipodes Control Panel

Antipodes Control Panel

The EX is remarkably flexible, with a choice of server modes including DLNA, Squeezelite and Roon, as well as the ability to operate as a renderer or endpoint in a number of configurations. It can also be set to act just as a server or a renderer, or as both. There's a web-based GUI accessible from a browser on the same network, but more clarity wouldn't go amiss in both that interface and the manual, which is also an online-only affair.




It's rather too easy to get lost as to which software packages are running, which can lead to some clashes and confusion, and some facilities are hidden away. It was only when wondering why we couldn't 'see' the EX with other network players that we found MinimServer buried in a submenu. Fortunately once set up, the EX can be operated by third-party control apps, such as the mConnect we used for much of the testing or, if relevant, Roon Remote running on a smartphone or tablet.

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