Upping the Ante

Arriving to crown the 5000 series launched by Q Acoustics in 2023, the 5050 floorstander (£1299) mirrors the triple-driver configuration of the 5040 model (£999), but partners its 25mm ‘mechanically isolated’ soft dome tweeter with 150mm Continuous Curved Cone (C3) bass/mid units – up from 125mm. Correspondingly, Q Acoustics has doubled the number of Helmholtz ‘pressure tubes’ inside the point-to-point braced cabinet from two to four, to optimise its low-frequency performance. Available in Black, White, Santos Rosewood and Holme Oak finishes, the 5050 ships with aluminium outriggers with adjustable spikes, plus magnetic grilles.

Q Acoustics, Herts, UK, 01279 501111;