T+A PSD 3100 HV Streaming DAC/Preamp Musicnavigator G3

Musicnavigator G3

This third-gen version of T+A's MusicNavigator app, freely available for iOS and Android devices, provides useful in-the-hand control over much of the PSD 3100 HV's functions, and of course facilitates music playback. Integrated into the software are Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music streaming services, plus access to fellow German download/streaming specialist, HighResAudio.


The app's 'Set up' page allows you to edit your list of sources, ranging from UPnP/DLNA through to those streaming platforms, Internet/FM/DAB radio, Bluetooth and the DAC's various wired inputs. After this, 'Favourite Sources' are selected from a tab at the top of the main page. At the bottom is an icon to access settings, where you'll find the digital filter options, sliders for tone control and balance, plus device and source renaming. You can also manage network configuration, check for firmware updates and switch the app's theme from its 'Dark' default [pictured] to Light. Quick in operation and uncomplicated to use, T+A's app is a fine companion to its hardware.

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
Supplied by: Kog Audio, Coventry, UK
024 7722 0650