System Audio Legend 60.2 Silverback Active Loudspeaker Ole Witthøft

Ole Witthøft

Denmark's System Audio was founded in 1984 by Ole Witthøft – a former musician – after he wondered why loudspeakers 'were competing about the best technical specifications when it is the sound that matters'. Thirty-seven years later, he's head of R&D at a company whose speakers never seem to stand still. An example of this is something System Audio calls 'RAM Tweaks'.


'RAM Tweaks are upgrades that you download and install [via USB] in your Silverback speakers', explains Witthøft. 'Digital technologies are developing at speed – a RAM Tweak is a way to stay updated, if you want.'

System Audio intends to roll out a selection of these DSP overhauls offering different sound profiles – at the time of writing it had begun with the smaller Silverback 40.2. 'I hope that people will try RAM Tweaks to find the perfect match for speakers and room. It's a unique tool and far easier to hear than experimenting with cables and spikes.'

Such upgrades might appeal to those who aren't using the speaker's wireless input and SA's Room Service app. Yet the latter is also being redesigned, and not just for Android compatibility – the new version will include Room Service, plus 'manual EQ and setup management of wireless WiSA speakers'.

So why the initial delay on an Android app, by far the world's most popular smartphone platform? 'Android does not have a strict standard for mics, so we can't rely on an Android device for precise acoustic measurements', says Witthøft. 'Android users will use a wireless microphone supplied by us.'

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