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Paying Homage

From the vast Aida [HFN Apr '12] to the compact and far more affordable Chameleon B, Sonus faber has a dizzyingly wide range of loudspeakers, serving an equally wide range of customers and budgets. The Serafino is part of its premium Homage Tradition Collection, described as a 'reinterpretation' of the earlier Homage series. It comprises four loudspeakers – the range-topping Amati floor stander [HFN Oct '17]; the compact standmount Guarneri; the Vox centre channel and the newest Serafino Tradition reviewed here. All share different permutations of Sonus faber's 28mm 'Arrow Point' tweeter, its 150mm mid-driver and/or 180mm or 220mm bass driver(s). The large 3.5-way Serafino is said to pay homage to Sanctus Seraphin, a lute master who worked in Venice during the first half of the 18th century. Clearly modelled on the Amati, the Serafina is about 10% smaller and 10kg lighter but shares a very similar technical performance [see KH's Lab Report].

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