SME Model 12A Turntable Now In Colour...

Now In Colour...

SME's CEO, Stuart McNeilis, says that black will always be his company's trademark colour. 'This is in line with our founder's design requirements and specification finish,' he told HFN. 'However, in recent years we've experimented, and released some different colours for select products – namely the Model 10 and Model 12A – as a result of customer feedback and market research.' It was this very customer input that caused SME to offer the Dark Blue and Grey colour variants on the new turntable. 'The objective was to introduce an elegant and current colour theme to complement the traditional and popular black finish. Indeed, there are plans to extend the colour range of the Model 12A in the near future by way of a colour selector/configurator at the point of sale, and on the SME website, which will include aspects of customisation. The price point will remain the same for all colour variants.' As well as being a replacement for the Model 10, NcNeilis says the idea behind the Model 12A was 'to attract a new generation of SME customers, with its modern appeal, high specification, superior performance and attractive price point'.

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