Ortofon 2M Black LVB 250 Cartridge Moving-Magnet Dynasty

Moving-Magnet Dynasty

If you count all the variants offered in the 2M series, including the Verso models with fixed, upward-facing bolts to allow users to fit 2M models into headshells that don't allow screws down through the top, as well as plug 'n' play, mono and 78rpm versions, there are more than a dozen from which to choose. Essentially, though, the range consists of four primary models, in ascending order of quality by colour: Red [HFN Oct '08], Blue, Bronze and Black [HFN Mar '11].


Ortofon has been canny with its 2M range, because the user-replaceable styli allow the customer to trade up with certain models by purchasing the next stylus in the range. The user can go from Red to Blue, or Bronze to Black, as Red and Blue are identical as are Bronze and Black, the permissible changes defined by the pairs' coil and magnet configurations.

Undoubtedly, the range's solid performance, excellent tracking, and ease-of-use have made the 2M range popular with OEM purchasers like Pro-Ject, who include pre-mounted cartridges in many of its turntable packages. With mono and 78 versions, Ortofon has covered all the bases with this collection, and with the 2M Black LVB 250 – the new flagship and first to feature a rigid boron cantilever – it has narrowed the gap between the 2Ms and less-costly MC models. Naturally, the 2M Black LVB 250 stylus will also fit and upgrade existing 2M Bronze and 2M Blacks.

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