Naim Audio ND5 XS 2 Network-Attached DAC Sidebar: Naim App

Sidebar: Naim App

Naim has taken something of a leap of faith by removing all controls from the ND5 XS 2, and doing away with a conventional display and handset. Fortunately the Naim app, used to control the player via the home network, is an excellent example of its kind, having been refined over successive generations to increase the smoothness of its operation and add extra facilities.


As well as the set-up functions mentioned in the review, the app plays a major part in the ND5 XS 2's flexibility, allowing extra services to be added via the player's onboard Google Audio implementation as well as allowing multiple Naim Uniti, Muso and ND-series products to be controlled from a single interface. What's more, the app is at the heart of the multiroom capability built into all Naim network audio products. With music playing, it's easy to add on extra 'zones' that'll play in perfect synchronisation – the app allowing independent zone volume, as well as global adjustment of the entire set-up.

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