Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PRE/PAS & PSUs Pre/Power Amplifiers Heinz Lichtenegger

Heinz Lichtenegger

The founder of Austria's Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH (incorporating Pro-Ject and Musical Fidelity among other brands), Heinz Lichtenegger, sees this four-box pre/power amplifier as the mainstay of a new series. 'It will be "Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity"', he says, 'as we launch an array of partnering products'.

There's already a 'matching' phono stage – the Nu-Vista Vinyl [HFN Mar '18] – but this will be updated with balanced inputs, in keeping with Pro-Ject's drive to get the best from its latest MC-equipped turntables. 'There will also be a fully balanced DAC', says Heinz, 'and a CD transport featuring a new motor-loading drawer'. It's very likely that the transport will be modular, with a slot to accommodate a nuvistor-equipped DAC module, allowing audiophiles to choose between an integrated or two-box CD playing solution.

Alongside the monoblock PAM amplifiers – essentially bridged mono versions of the PAS with one less nuvistor in the driver stage – Musical Fidelity will be launching a pair of Nu-Vista integrated amplifiers. 'These will be the 800.2 and lower-powered 600.2', confirms Heinz. 'A key concept for the Nu-Vista range is our use of big, outboard choke-regulated power supplies so we are planning another separate PSU chassis to feed all our upcoming source components.'

MF's early nuvistor products were always moderated by the limited supply of tube bases as much as the devices themselves. So where is MF now sourcing its tiny tubes? 'Captain America', smiles Heinz. PM

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