Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista DAC USB DAC Heinz Lichtenegger

Heinz Lichtenegger

The founder of Austria's Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH (incorporating Pro-Ject and Musical Fidelity among other brands), Heinz Lichtenegger is 'very happy to now have a complete lineup, though we have no plans at present to build a partnering loudspeaker!'. HFN is still anticipating the outboard Nu-Vista PSU which, promises Heinz, 'has multiple outputs to service both the Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 and the Nu-Vista DAC'.


The PSU will follow MF's long experience with choke regulation and will likely be based on the supply we saw to accompany the PRE PSU [HFN Mar '23]. Furthermore, the Nu-Vista PSU, like the analogue stage of the Nu-Vista DAC, springs from the pen of MF designer Simon Quarry while the DAC's digital build is assisted by Canor in Slovakia. The 'Optimal Transient' digital filter is clearly a speciality of consultant John Westlake who, Heinz reminds us, 'was involved in the DAC design, having already worked with Pro-Ject and Canor in the past'.

Next to come is the Nu-Vista 600.2 integrated amplifier, slated for mid-year, while the close of 2024 should see 'the Nu-Vista CD transport/player, which will have the option of a plug-in DAC', explains Heinz. 'This card will not be at the level of the Nu-Vista DAC, probably using the same ES DAC but without the dual-mono nuvistor output stage. It will have a solid-state output but these will still be on RCAs and XLRs while the digital outs will include coaxial, optical and AES/EBU.'

And sister brand Pro-Ject is never far from Heinz's mind: 'We will have a new-look turntable for €1500'. PM

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