MoFi UltraDeck+M Turntable Package Josh Bizar

Josh Bizar

Josh Bizar, Vice President of Music Direct, spoke to HFN about Mobile Fidelity's move into the hardware sector. 'In 1999, when Music Direct owner Jim Davis purchased Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, our company was flooded with calls to purchase the label's out-of-print discs. Many asked us which turntables, cartridges and phono stages would help get the most from their collections. That's when my idea for MoFi Electronics began to take shape. It took another 15 years to develop the business plan, put the proper team in place and build a factory in the US.'


With a team consisting of group leader John Schaffer of Wadia, Allen Perkins of Spiral Groove as product engineering partner, and in-house industrial engineer Jim Baker, 'We were off and running'.

Bizar says it took four years to develop and manufacture the first components. 'We tested many materials for the platter and bearing. We experimented with motors. We listened to different tonearm cables. Michael Latvis at HRS helped us develop special isolation feet and the weight to help eliminate vibration.

'We are currently deep into the next round of product development. A long term technology partner, Tim de Paravicini, who was instrumental in the design of our StudioPhono phono stage, has come up with a remarkable amp design, and we have other products in the pipeline. Mobile Fidelity will eventually be part of the entire signal chain – from the Original Master Recording through to your speakers.'

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