Mendelssohn The Orchestral Works Essential Recordings

Essential Recordings

Midsummer Night's Dream music
Warner Classics 5749812
André Previn's highly attractive LSO recording of the incidental music, with children's voices and soloists Lilian Watson and Delia Wallis. The words are sung in English.

Midsummer Night's Dream music
Warner Classics 9029580176 (180g vinyl)
Klemperer's 1960 Philharmonia version with Heather Harper and Dame Janet Baker.

Symphonies Nos 1-5
DG 471 4672 (four CDs)
Claudio Abbado's cycle is with the LSO – a first choice for me. It has seven overtures including Opp.24 and 101 (with winds or for trumpet).

Hebrides Overture; Symphony No 3
DG 449 7432
In the 'Originals' series with LP artwork, Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic.

Hebrides Overture; Symphony No 4
Epic G010003907043C (44.1kHz/16-bit)
If you want a true Presto for the Saltarello finale, try Szell's Cleveland version from 1962 – download issued Jul '18. You also get Weber's Oberon overture.

Symphonies Nos 3 and 4
Decca 475 8677
LSO recordings by Claudio Abbado, Kingsway Hall 1968, praised for sensitivity and lightness of touch, although lacking the repeat in 3(i).