McIntosh MI502 Class D Power Amp Ncore At The Core

Ncore At The Core

Under the MI502's broad bonnet are no fewer than four of Hypex's NC500 Class D amp modules [see inset picture]. We've seen these before in the Marantz PM-10 [HFN Aug '17], Marantz PM-12SE [HFN Nov '20], the PM-30 [HFN Jan '21] and, most recently, in the multichannel Primare A35.8 [HFN May '22]. All of these amplifiers benefit from the high efficiency of the NC500's Class D architecture – the MI502 drawing 'just' 1.2kW from the wall when delivering its rated 2x500W/8ohm.


NC500 Class D module


MI502's frequency resp. into no load (grey), 8ohm (black), 4ohm (red), 2ohm (blue) and 1ohm (green)

Furthermore, while less sophisticated H-bridge Class D amplifiers suffer from a load-dependent frequency response (changing with your choice of speaker), the 'global feedback' of these Hypex modules ensures a more consistent and predictable performance. The Hypex technology is taken a stage further in the Purifi-branded Eigentakt Class D modules – as deployed in the NAD M33 and C 298 models [HFN Aug '20 & Oct '21] and T+A A 200 [HFN May '22] – but the balanced/bridged pairs of NC500 modules as used in McIntosh's MI502 deliver low distortion and an unwavering frequency response [see Graph]. PM

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